Explore the basics of Suvat equations, dissect concepts of speed, velocity, and acceleration and delve into the fascinating world of projectile motion. With access to video lessons, mastery practices, and summary notes, this chapter equips you for a comprehensive journey through advanced Kinematics in Physics.

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Mastery Practices


Starting at a ski lodge, a cross-country skier goes 5.0 km to the north, then 3.0 km to the west, an finally 4.0 km to the southwest. Determine

a) The distance travelled by the skier for the entire journey,

b) The displacement s of the skier for the entire journey,

c) The subsequent displacement which would be required for the skier to return to the lodge,

d) The net displacement and distance travelled when he has returned to the lodge.

Answer Explanation


A particle moves with an initial velocity of 10 m s^(-1) in the x-direction for 5.0 s. It then changes its velocity to 30 m s^(-1) at an angle of 60Β° to the horizontal and moves for a further 2.0 s, as shown in Fig 2.1.

i) Calculate the change in speed and velocity of the particle in this interval

ii) Find the average speed and average velocity of the particle

Answer Explanation

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