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Work, Energy, Pressure

Welcome to the O Level Work, Energy, and Power (WEP) lesson. Delve into fundamental topics like Kinetic Energy, Gravitational Potential Energy, Work Done, and more. Preview select video lessons, summary notes, and practices. Our aim is to provide students with a rich array of revision materials to enhance their understanding of WEP.

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πŸ’»8 Conceptual Videos & 11 Example Question Videos

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Mastery Practices


A coconut of mass 600 g falls from a height of 30 m. Ignoring air resistance, what is the speed of the coconut before it hits the ground?

Answer Explanation


A box of mass 0.5 kg is pushed along a slope from P to Q by a force F of 12 N as shown in the diagram below. Take g as 10 N/kg.

a) Calculate the work done by force F to move the box from P to Q.

b) Calculate the potential energy of the box at the top of the slope.

c) The work done by force F is not equal to the potential energy gained by the object at the top of the slope. Explain the discrepancy.

d) What is the work done against friction from P to Q?

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